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rabarburaERP an Integrated ERP with DMS

rabarburaERP (former eoSERVER) is a result of development based on our comprehensive expertise accumulated in years. It is an Odoo (former OpenERP) framework based business software which contains advanced functionalities of enteprise resource planning (crm, accounting, logistics, mrp, hr management, fixed assets, integrated webshop, document management etc).


Elastoffice extended the traditional ERP functionality with modern document processing and monitoring capabilities. The result is a new approach of management solution incorporating integrated document management functionality (DMS) into our flagship product rabarburaERP. 

Custom solutions

All companies and individual managers have unique needs. Standardized solutions are not always capable of handling all these needs and therefore would force the users to make compromises. Instead of changing the operation of your company to suit the limited capabilities of your software, do it the other way around!

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